Cornerstones Curriculum
Cornerstones Curriculum Preview


Cornerstones of Financial Services Discipline - Focused activity - more than 180 engaging, informational-packed sessions providing the insights, activities, and concepts to build a clientele, by understanding how to find and develop new relationships, as well as how to turn relationships into opportunities. Cornerstones focus on the proven techniques and processes to build a successful practice, which maximizes our time and seize upon each and every opportunity as they present themselves.

Develop a solid foundation of confidence in not only what to do, but also when and how to do it, which is essential in growing and maintaining a successful practice in today's marketplace.  The bottom line: Cornerstones will quickly become your go-to curriculum for finding and establishing the systems, processes, and techniques required in order to help you build a successful practice.  Everything from the fundamentals of prospecting, networking, time management, social media, mentoring, team building, principles of marketing, how to give a presentation, target marketing, client events, centers of influences, building effective elevator talks, telephone techniques, how and why to use video conferencing to take service to a new level, as well as the life events and situations facing your clients of today and tomorrow and so much more.

Foundations Curriculum
Foundations Curriculum Preview


Foundations of Financial Services Discipline will provide 20 independent series focusing on the basic understanding of the various services, products, governmental programs, such as Social Security, Medicare, life insurance, annuities, long-term care, IRAs, critical illness, personal and commercial lines of coverage, pensions, budgets, bankruptcy and this is only the beginning.  This discipline contains over 170 sessions to help you develop confidence in dealing with clients by building the ability to ask pertinent questions while recognizing opportunities and establishing long-term relationships. The sessions in this discipline have been written as if we are talking to a consumer, which will quickly enhance your ability to educate them and not just sell them, which is what today’s consumer is seeking. Additionally, you will find educational concept PDFs to help effectively and efficiently grow your knowledge and ability to explain these many ideas and topics.

Fundamentals Curriculum
Fundamentals Curriculum Preview


Fundamentals of Financial Services Discipline will provide 13 Advanced Marketing Educational Series that will build a fundamental understanding of life events and situations facing your prospects and clients in key marketplaces for the financial service industry – Estate Related Planning Strategies, Dealing with Business Owners and the three Phases of Retirement along with their challenges and opportunities.  In addition, you will find educational concept pages to help effectively and efficiently grow your knowledge and your ability to explain these many ideas and topics.  Additionally, we have series devoted to helping you understand other markets which especially needs the help and guidance of your services, College Planning Series, Financial Impact of Divorce Series, Planning for Special Needs Children Series and even more. The Fundamentals discipline contains more than 100 sessions that will instill confidence in dealing with and understanding clients in these marketplaces, develop your ability to ask pertinent and engaging questions, and help you recognize the challenges and opportunities that people in these markets are facing.

Basics Curriculum
Basics Curriculum Preview


The Basics of Investing Discipline is designed to help registered representatives understanding the world of investing. Its purpose to supplement the product training provided by wholesalers, by translating licensing coursework into a real-world ability to understand the concepts, terminology, and fundamentals of investment strategies, products, and programs. Then to be able to translate all that they have learned into layman’s language in order to educate today’s consumer in an easy to understand way. The sessions in this discipline have been once again written as if we are talking to a consumer, which will quickly enhance your ability to educate them and not just sell them, which is what today’s consumer is seeking. This discipline contains over a 100 sessions, helping registered representatives not only comprehend the subject matter but allow them to turn their potential into reality.

FSEdNet is divided into four separate and distinct disciplines of success, each with its own purpose and curriculum. Each course is then divided into multiple sessions, ranging anywhere from one to over twenty. Each session averages 8 1/2 minutes, and each has a fill in the blank worksheet, as well as Participant and Facilitator Guides. There are also over 1,500 pages of PDF supplemental content to help expedite the learning process while reinforcing and expanding the breadth of knowledge of the various concepts. FSEdNet has it’s own mobile app for Apple, Android, and Blackberry, which are easily downloadable from the Apple App Store or Google Play. With these mobile device’s Bluetooth capabilities, you’ll now be able to listen and learn from our curriculum as you commute, drive to an appointment, workout or jog, or are waiting patiently for your child or spouse.

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