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Participant and Facilitator Guides

Each session has both a participant and instructor guide, delivering an easy to use, easy to understand step by step process, for self-study or facilitator-led formats. 

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The perfect companion resource for today's Financial Professionals who are on-the-go. All of the sessions, resources, and tools, anytime, anywhere on any device.

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New Recruiting Resource

Millennials think about jobs as opportunities to learn and grow. We must differentiate ourselves from the competition.  The Pre-hire curriculum can do just that, from the recruit's own phone, just the way they want it.

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Welcome to the Next Level of eLearning




“Imagine the Possibilities”

The Financial Services Educational Network, FSEdNet (pronounced "Fizz-Ed-Net") provides a comprehensive education in easy to understand language, without all of the industry jargon and lingo, making it the go-to resource in how to explain concepts, products, and services to today’s consumers.  We all know that today’s consumers no longer want to be sold, they want to be educated – and now you have the resource to do just that. This easy to use, time-efficient tool which will not only increase productivity and confidence but will grow everyone’s cross-selling opportunities as well. FSEdNet develops the skills, habits, and knowledge which turns potential into reality by taking advantage of hundreds of consistently updated video sessions (averaging only 8½ minutes in length). Management team members will love the convenience and easy to follow format of each session.  Now, with minimal prep time, they can hold engaging training and development sessions for all levels of producers.

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