What is FSEdNet?

FSEdNet is a virtual, on-demand video based platform offering hundreds of individual training session designed to instill confidence by building competence in all levels of associates to the financial services industry. FSEdNet primarily focuses on the fundamentals of the financial services industry which due to both cost and time restrictions have become the missing link in recent years.

Why did we create FSEdNet?

FSEdNet is designed to help launch, retool or re-energize associates in an effort to improve retention and productivity in a very cost and time efficient way. A lack of productivity normally stems from a lack of activity due to a lack of relationships.

FSEdNet platform provides a step by step curriculum in the essential skills, knowledge and habits that normally cause this lack of relationships and as a result builds confidence by providing understanding and competence. It is an easy resource to come back to when activity or effectiveness is off track with our mobile applications which can deliver the entire curriculum on any Apple, Android or Blackberry device.

How does it fit with company training programs?

FSEdNet is designed to supplement your firm and company’s training programs not to replace them. Unless otherwise requested, sales systems and fact finding training are not part of FSEdNet; each firm and/or company normally has their own systems and FSEdNet is designed to supplement any program. FSEdNet will support eMoney, LEAP, Kinder’s, Profiles, Sandlers and any other sales and marketing system.

What is the target audience for FSEdNet?

FSEdNet is primarily designed to help launch new associates in their first three to four years in the financial services industry by providing them with the essential blocking and tackling skills and knowledge. FSEdNet is also very effective in the transition of new representatives from the banking, wirehouse or independent firms who primarily focused on investment sales.

In addition, problems of existing associates who are struggling with activity and building a clientele normally find that their issues are related back to not performing the essential activity of a successful associate, which is caused by a lack of confidence, a lack of knowledge or a fear of looking incompetent. FSEdNet can help.

Building sales teams have become a key component of many successful firms, and our platform will help deliver the foundational concepts and knowledge that many mentors do not have the time to train on. Finally, developing staff, interns and junior associates is critical for any firm, agency or producer. FSEdNet can help facilitate their education and knowledge in the essential and fundamental understanding of clients and prospects.

What makes it different from other training programs offered in the industry?

FSEdNet is a foundational program to help launch or re-energize associates in the basic knowledge, skills, and habits, it is not to replace firm, agency or company training, nor is it to replace LUTC, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CLTC education, and knowledge, it is to provide a basic understanding on which to build a relationship of understanding with clients and prospects.

Our sessions average less than 10 minutes in length (actually just over 8 1/2 minutes) and sessions have a fill in the blank participant’s worksheet.  All sessions can be viewed on any Apple, Android or Blackberry mobile phone or tablet.  Just go to the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the FSEdNet app.

Unfortunately, associates and managers either do not like to read or do not have the time to read. By providing a totally video based curriculum with 24/7 access, a manager can prepare easily for a training class, or an associate can work around their business and personal life commitments with our bite-size pieces of wisdom.

How is the program delivered?

FSEdNet is a virtual, anytime, anywhere on any device video based platform allowing 24/7 access 365 days a year. Each associate, staff, intern and manager is given their own access code, which remains live unless they leave your affiliation. It can play on any computer, Smartphone, Smart Pad or even your X-Box as long as it has access to the internet.

Download our “FSEdNet” app from Google Play or the Apple App Store for your mobile phone or tablet today.

What does the content cover?

FSEdNet is divided into four separate and distinct disciplines, each having its own purpose and agenda.

Cornerstones of Financial Services – focuses on the habits and skills that a new associate must understand, then develop and finally put into action in order to be successful in building and keeping relationships with clients and potential prospects.

Foundations of Financial Services – provides the conceptual understanding and foundational knowledge of products, services, programs and governmental systems that today’s consumers have, wants, needs or faces. This fundamental overview builds confidence in the associate’s own ability and removes their fear to ask questions, build understanding, recognize opportunities as well as challenges and establish a relevant and meaningful relationship with both clients and prospects. Better fact finding skills will be just one of the results from this discipline.

Fundamentals of Financial Services – provides the groundwork of understanding of three key marketplaces within the financial services industry: Estate Related Planning Strategies, working with Business Owners and Retirement Challenges and Opportunities. In addition, a conceptual understanding of the different generational buying consumer of financial services product by age, life experiences, communication preferences and buying styles and patterns.

Basics of Investing – provides the groundwork of understanding for newly licensed securities representatives. Focusing in on the fundamental concepts, programs, and products to supplement your firms and broker-dealer’s training in the art of investing and investment products.

How and when would my organization get started?

If you are hiring new associates then the time to start is now. No associate has ever failed out of the financial services industry because they could not explain reverse split dollar, they have failed because of a lack of income due to a lack of activity. FSEdNet can help. It is time to turn potential into reality. Contact us for a private tour of our site and trial period access to FSEdNet.

How can I learn more?

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