The Science of Management and Art of Leadership
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Our Assessments are designed to evaluate, measure, and document management team member's readiness and ability to perform their essential tasks, and then to determine the acquisition of skills and understanding achieved. Every course within FSLEdNet, as well as each module, has its own Assessment 

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Training In a Box

With over 325 active sessions, each with a step-by-step Facilitator's Guide, and a seven-page Participant Guide making our management development program not only easy to follow, but easy understand for both self-study or in a classroom environment. 

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Essentials of Leadership Courses

FSLEdNet offers over 70 courses, design to focus in on each firm, unit or sales team individual needs.  Each course contains 4 to 6 sessions on a specific management area to help develop or implement systems or process for continuous growth. 

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The Five Elements of Success for Leadership

Leader’s Philosophy

Foundational Principles

Recruiting Process

Development Process

Accountability Process


Welcome to the next level of Management Development – FSLEdNet (pronounced ‘Fizz-Led-Net’).  FSLEdNet is an innovative virtual platform designed for financial leaders who are building a region, an agency or firm, a sales unit or a sales team.  FSLEdNet has access to hundreds of high-impact sessions for all levels of experience, regardless of the product line, which is divided into five distinct elements of success. These sessions are short and easily digestible, averaging less than ten minutes, each containing a Participant and a step-by-step Facilitator Guide.  FSLEdNet was developed by two multi-master award winners.  It’s fully accessible anytime, anywhere on your computer, smartphone or tablet.  Schedule a demonstration of this virtual leadership development and resource platform today, from the leaders in leadership training, FSLEdNet.