Alternative Distribution Series

Curriculum Overview

In today’s challenging marketplace, creating new distribution opportunities to expand a firm’s marketing footprint is becoming a major priority within most distribution channels. With the aging of our field force and new regulations, finding additional revenue sources from the sales of our products is key to not only our success but in some cases, our survival.

This series is divided into three separate and distinct parts, focusing on alternative distribution opportunities.  Banks have been an opportunity that has been well positioned to help their clients with various protection and financial services products and programs. However, many organizations struggle with understanding how to build a relationship with their local banks, as well as how to avoid the pitfalls of that relationship.

Property and Casualty firms are always in search of additional revenue while seeking to find new marketing opportunities that would benefit their client base. But, the ability to position an opportunity which would benefit a P&C firm, without causing any issues with their clients and other associates, have eluded many firms.  In this series, we will address an understanding of the opportunity, and how to not only position it but to deliver upon it.

Finally, we will focus on the changing world of wholesaling, and what wholesalers need to do to maintain the value proposition independent producers seek and hope to keep. With the aging of the independent producers, and affiliated organizations bringing in-house alternative products and companies for their field forces, the independent brokerage firms are facing new, unprecedented challenges.


Sample Vignettes