The Foundational Principles of Leadership

Curriculum Overview

The Foundational Principles of Leadership is designed to teach all levels of leaders in the financial services industry-specific ideas, systems and techniques to implement their vision.

Many of these principles will create an environment in which star performers can be recruited and developed. These principles will become the cornerstones of the systems and processes you build your organization, sales unit or sales team with.

It includes specific advice on how to set up an office in order to make it a better environment to recruit and how to help your associates create an environment which will cultivate improved sales results. Foundational Principles also has insight on how to build a winning culture that will not only improve productivity but will reduce turnover of both staff and associates. This area will show a leader how to implement systems that will help get extraordinary results from your people. Leaders will build and refine their systems and processes in order to build their practice.

Foundational Principles of Leadership will give a leader the tools and resources that they need to build a solid foundation and create an organization that enables others to achieve their success to its fullest potential.


Sample Vignettes