The Recruiting Process

Curriculum Overview

Let’s face it – recruiting top talent is probably the most important and challenging job as a leader. In The Recruiting Process, we will examine the three phases of recruiting. Too often, we think of recruiting as finding a candidate and getting them to simply join the organization.  The process a leader follows in recruiting will have the largest impact on the success or failure of a potential candidate. If you want to improve your retention numbers, then fix your recruiting and accountability processes.

Finding the appropriate candidate that meets your ideal candidate profile is the first stage. Having an extensive, detailed selection process with no exceptions is the next stage. The final stage is having a momentum building process. This is where most recruiting programs fail. We often focus on the wrong things in our pre-hire training, and it can overwhelm them.

We’ll also give some innovative and exciting insight on how to recruit experienced or independent associates to your firm.  These ideas will not only help you jump-start your recruiting activity, but it will also show you how to get more production faster by learning how to focus on recruiting people that can make a bigger impact on your goals to current production. You’ll also hear industry-leading ideas on how to keep your prospecting pipeline and reservoir full of people since that will also be the catalyst for future growth. These ideas will show you how to attain and sustain new production growth.


Sample Vignettes