The Accountability Process

Curriculum Overview

Accountability is when you inspect what you expect in business. In this element, we’ll look at how you conduct meetings with associates, both housed and detached, as well as staff, specialists and other managers, or field leaders, to ensure that they are doing the activities necessary to achieve their objective and to exceed their goals. Too often, these meetings become either a ‘let’s not hurt any feelings’ event or a ‘get in your face’ meeting.  In reality, most of the accountability meetings do not actually happen at all, which is the worst solution. All levels of associates not only need but want these accountability sessions. Many firms are not having the necessary one-on-one consultations, or team meetings, that allow their leader to see their progress and assure the associates that they really care about them.

Accountability is the management tool which ensures that the great people on your team are consistently growing and adding new experiences and results to their years of success. If not for accountability, they would be repeating the same activity and having the same experience over and over throughout their career. See how to make sure the members of your team are progressing toward the goals that you helped them set. These sessions will show that these meetings will vary based on the experience of the associate and what their role on the team of leaders is.


Sample Vignettes