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What Is FSSEdNet?

FSSEdNet is an innovative virtual video platform designed for employees, who are the real backbone of the financial services industry.  FSSEdNet contains hundreds of easy-to-use and easy-to-understand sessions, designed to provide general information and concepts, as well as the job-specific type of training, providing the team members with not only a more meaningful purpose in their jobs but to have the ability to learn and the opportunity to grow in their careers.

Why Did We Create My FSSEdNet?

FSSEdNet is designed to build confidence in employees by gaining a stronger understanding of the financial services industry, its products, its clients, as well as the various programs and system which impact their financial situations. It is a cost-saving and time-efficient way to increase productivity, by instilling a sense of purpose in one’s job and responsibilities and having a deeper understanding of the overall effect of not only their role but the role which the products serve individuals, families and businesses. Further, today’s employees want a Financial Literacy Program, to help them and their families understand the complex world of finance.

FSSEdNet provides a step by step curriculum in the essential knowledge of the products and services which insurance companies offer to today’s consumers, as well as an understanding of who today’s consumers are, and why they own, need or want such products and programs.  It is also an easy resource to come back to, when questions or situations come up, through our mobile applications, which can deliver the entire curriculum on any Apple, Android, or Blackberry device.

How Does FSSEdNet Fit with Our Product Mix, and Is It Only About Products?

FSSEdNet is designed to supplement your company’s employee training programs, not replace them.  It provides an overview of a wide range of product offerings, while not all will be offered by every company, but all are still important to understand what they are, how they work and how one differs from another.  We discuss the various product’s design, their structure and the purpose behind them.

In addition, to understanding products and the clients who need them, we offer an understanding of many of the fundamental programs and concepts which impacts individuals and families such as Social Security, Medicare, how income tax really works, how to set and maintain a budget, bankruptcy, and so much more.

Who Is FSSEdNet Built For?

Today, more financial services organizations are recognizing that their employees are not getting the critical training and ongoing development that is necessary to help them grow within their roles and careers.

One hallmark of the Millennial generation is that they tend to change jobs more frequently than previous generations. Some people say this is just in their DNA. But we believe that providing adequate training can reduce the high turnover of Millennials with great potential. Retaining valuable employees saves companies time, money and frustration for all parties concerned, and it helps build your future company leadership.

This is why we created FSLEdNet (the Financial Services Staff Educational Network). We provide training and development in a manner that resonates with Millennials. Books and workbooks were Baby Boomer things. The next generations — Gen X, Y and Z — didn’t learn that way in school, so why should we expect them to learn that way now?

FSSEdNet is primarily designed to help build the knowledge and confidence of employees at all levels of experience, regardless of a company’s product line, in a wide range of topics by providing them with the essential information to not only enhance their job but to enhance their own lives in and outside of work.

Organizations teach their employees how to do the functionality of their jobs, but in today’s world, employees, especially Millennials fundamentally think about their jobs as opportunities to learn and grow. If their employers are not providing them with this resource, then, unfortunately, the good ones might seek opportunities elsewhere. In fact, Business Week reported that companies that don’t train their employees are three times more likely to lose them to companies that do.

What Makes FSSEdNet Different from Other Programs Available?

Our curriculum provides a bedrock of information that your team can use to build solid, successful careers. It’s a resource they can refer back to whenever necessary. Our videos provide an innovative way to train and develop all levels of your staff in your call centers, home offices, broker-dealers and regional and field offices, as well as on your advanced sales teams.

Our platform delivers in the way which today’s employee wants it.  Our short, high impact video sessions average just over eight and a half minutes, and each session has a fill in the blank worksheet and Participant and Facilitator Guides.  There are hundreds of sessions available, which are updated on average every 24-months in order to keep the information and the sessions themselves fresh and up to date.  These sessions are easy to use and easy to understand which help present a clear understanding of the subject matter.

Since most employees do not have the time to read and expand their knowledge, FSSEdNet provides a video-based curriculum and resource with 24/7 access that can provide them with a workaround to their business and personal life commitments with our bite-size pieces of wisdom. All sessions are available to be viewed on any Apple, Android, or Blackberry mobile phone or tablet. If they have time for a cup of coffee, then they have time to learn a concept. Listen, watch, and learn while waiting to pick up their kids or on their spouse. Listen to the sessions while jogging or driving to or from work.

How Is the FSSEdNet Program Delivered?

FSSEdNet is a virtual anytime, anywhere, on-any-device video-based platform that allows 24/7 access 365 days a year.  Each employee will have their own login access.  Their company email address will be their user ID, and they set their own password. It can play on any computer, Smartphone, Smart Pad, or even their X-Box as long as it has access to the Internet.

Download our “fsednet” app from Google Play or the Apple App Store for your mobile phone or tablet today.

Likewise, it can play through a company’s LMS with either deep links or single sign-on accessibility.

What Does the Content Cover?

FSSEdNet is divided into separate and distinct Modules, each with its own purpose and curriculum.  Each employee can have access to one or more of these Modules.

  • General Employee Education
  • Understanding the Client and Their Needs
  • Introduction to Insurance Products and Principles
  • Introduction to Personal and Commercial Product Lines
  • Understanding Financial Factors and Programs
  • The Principles of Investing
  • Understanding Estate and Retirement Planning
  • Fundamentals of Business Insurance

How and When Should We Get Started?


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