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The Next Level of Management Training and Development

The GAMAcademy curriculum is designed for new or veteran leaders, whether building a region, a firm or agency, a sales unit or a sales team.  It’s an outstanding resource for functional specials in recruiting and training. It’s available 24 /7 on your computer, smartphone or tablet.  Private branded websites and apps are also available.

The Academy Provides the Tools, Resources, and Processes for All Levels of Management and Leadership Training, Regardless of Experience or Product Line.

The cost-effective, time-efficient way to increase productivity and retention by understanding the three phases of recruitment, as well as the development and accountability process.

Develops skills, habits, and knowledge through understanding, turning potential into reality.

Develops the recruiting and selection skills and habit for both experienced and inexperienced candidates, regardless of products, markets or distribution channel.

A step-by-step educational curriculum, and efficient resource search feature, that will quickly build confidence through competence.

Access to hundreds of online, on-demand video-based training sessions built on the Five Elements of Successful Leadership, averaging under 10 minutes. All sessions are paired with a 6 or 7-page Participant Guide, as well as an instructor’s step-by-step Facilitator’s Guide.  Our newest resource in education is our “Show Me” video vignettes, which demonstrates the topic in action with a role-playing setting.

Designed to supplement your existing leadership training program and provide resources and demonstrations to support their learning experience.


GAMAcademy Informational Flier 

The time has come for a new management & leadership development platform.
The time has come for The GAMAcademy.

The Academy is your innovative source of leadership training, virtually delivering hundreds of video-based training sessions – building confidence, provide resources and develop core leadership skills.  It’s a perfect companion to the financial professional’s training system offered by FSEdNet.

employeeMazeThe critical three stages of recruiting will clearly be defined for inexperienced candidates, as well as the independent, experienced producers.  Too many make recruiting a difficult, to be avoided at all cost process due to having either bad past experiences or results with getting candidates through the process or just a lack of experience or success. 

Once you understand and implement our five elements of leadership, you’ll be amazed at the impact it has on your recruiting and retention and new associates production.

With the GAMAcademy, you’ll now have a turn-key, state-of-the-art resource to develop and grow your leadership team. Schedule a demo today! 


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