Recruiting top-notch personnel for the financial services profession is a constant challenge. Finding a person who is dedicated, loyal, reliable, able to understand sometimes complex topics, educated, mature are just some of these requirements. Often a financial professional is required to operate independently and many times solely on a commission basis. There is a small percentage of Americans who fit these criteria.

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Finding the right person can propel an office, area, organization, or company to the top. Often, because of what they are required to do, veterans are not considered for the financial services industry. Jim Petersen PhD shows why hiring military veterans can solve many of the challenges of our financial services companies in finding the right people. Dr. Petersen spent over 35 years hiring and training military veterans for the financial services industry and understands not only how to select appropriate veterans for industry but also why these are the right people to select.
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Whether one is looking to understand how military members fit in the financial services industry, how which military jobs make the military veteran more suited for this industry, how to understand military ranks and their applicability to the industry, or a myriad of other ways to map the careers regarding our veterans. Dr. Petersen can assist companies, entities, agencies, offices, etc. in how to hire, train, integrate, and make successful military veterans in the financial services industry.
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In Dr Petersen’s new book, “From Combat to Client Services”, he provides the insights which can provide a true understanding on how to hire, train, integrate, and make successful military veterans in the financial services industry. This is truly something that companies and recruiters of all types should accept and embrace, especially those that reside near military and reserve/guard installations. Otherwise, you may be missing a tremendous recruiting opportunity.

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james PetersenJim Petersen joined First Command Financial Services in 1983 while continuing a 22-year career in the US Navy and US Navy Reserve. He served as a submarine officer and retired with the rank of captain (0-6). Jim retired from First Command at the end of 2018, having served in multiple positions in the field and the home office. He holds a BS degree from the US Naval Academy and two master’s degrees from The American College. He is the first financial services manager to be awarded a PhD in financial and retirement planning from The American College. Look to have Dr Petersen speak at one of your leadership or recruiting events. Contact FSEdNet to schedule this unique opportunity.