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“I have been in the industry many years.  FSEdNet is one of the most comprehensive educational tools to help new reps get off to a successful start and for developing reps to build and grow their business in years 2, 3 4 and after.  The ability to have this information at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere, any device, 24/7…. is truly a must-have!” Fred Walker, VP of Professional Development, Transamerica Agency Network

“Opening up the library of videos offered on FSEdNet for our new agents provides an immediate resource that supports the new agent experience after initial training and adds to that knowledge base in all areas. Not only do the new agents benefit, but veteran agents can add to or be reminded of information that helps them focus on improving results.”   Mike Catania, PhD, Director of Learning Management Field Development, Bankers Life and Casualty Company

“FSEdNet has allowed us to focus on what we do best: find, recruit, select and train the future of our industry.  It provides excellent education, so our leadership team can do what they do best and that is joint work with our newest advisors.  I would strongly encourage any firm to embrace this as it will impact productivity.” – Ed Deutschlander, CLU, CLF, CEO, North Star Resource Group.

“LIMRA research has found that young advisors integrate technology in all aspects of their practice. The FSEdNet program provides basic ‘block and tackles’ training in an innovative and contemporary way which resonates with today’s financial professional. Not just for agents and advisors, FSEdNet has been an invaluable part of my onboarding of new research professionals. FSEdNet really delivers.” – Patrick Leary, Corporate Vice President, LIMRA

"Just a quick comment of appreciation for your FSEdNet. We have been so pleased and impressed with your training program. It has helped our advisors at all different levels in many different areas of your curriculum. It is concise, effective, and easy to use. And you and your team have been incredibly responsive whenever we have a question or a thought."  - James Meehan, Managing Partner at 1847 Financial, Penn Mutual

“FSEdNet is a game-changing strategy to help with the education of advisors in the business. The key to any training is to focus on being brilliant on the basics. Dick Cleary and his team have created a turnkey educational program that helps leadership teams implement an easy to deliver training system for the fundamentals of success.” – J. Christopher Noonan, ChFC, CLU, Regional President & Divisional Executive Vice President, AXA Advisors, LLC

"FSEdNet has provided us with the foundation we needed to strengthen our Field Force training programs.  The courses have provided us with the basics that would have taken us a very long time to develop on our own. The structure of the videos and worksheets helps to improve retention and develop a skilled workforce. I would highly recommend FSEdNet!" - Beth Jones, Director of Field Force Training Development, First Command Financial Services.

“A revolutionary strategy to help train and develop your producers, regardless of experience. To make an impact, it must be simple to understand and use, and that is exactly what FSEdNet does.  This turn-key educational platform will add true value to your value proposition and will separate you from the competition.” – Dan LaBert, CEO, NAILBA - National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies

“Over time, we all acquire knowledge about basic issues in our business that are important to our client interactions. FSEdNet is allowing us to give advisors the knowledge and confidence to be more valuable to their prospects early in their career. The inherent structure of the videos, worksheets, concept pages, and fact sheets makes implementation easy and customizable. Our job of development is easier and our advisors are better because of FSEdNet.” – Mark Rooney, CFP, ChFC, CLU,  Equitable-Advisors, LLC.

“FSEdNet has been the game changer we needed for our General Agents. It is the perfect tool they needed to make their training programs A+.” Todd Scott, Manager Practice Management & Development, AMERITAS

“Bringing back the basic training our agents need is the passion and commitment that Dick has made to the industry. As a long-standing professional in our business, he is well positioned to deliver the right product at the right time. FSEdNet is a perfect solution to the training needs of today.” – Jim Kerley, Chief Membership Officer, LIMRA and LOMA

"Having been in the industry over 30 years,  I can honestly say that FSEdNet is a game changer for improving retention, growing Rep productivity and developing a highly trained field force. I was exposed to Dick Cleary and FSEdNet in another life prior to being with AAA Life and I was very pleased to have the opportunity to introduce an entire new field force to this awesome tool! We have used it as the foundation to build our training program. I would highly recommend FSEdNet to anyone!" - Allen Jackson LUTCF, FSCP, Vice President of Agent Distribution, AAA Life Insurance Company

“At the Great Basin Agency of American National, we use FSEdNet faithfully.   We find the product they have, and the support of Dick Cleary and his staff is amazing, this is one of the best training tools we have.  The sales training and education are for agents and staff at all levels of their career.” – Ken Gallacher, CLU, ChFC, FSS, LUTCF, LACP and Thresa (Terry) Cochran CLU, ChFC, CLF, FSS, LACP – General Agent, American National.

“NAIFA is excited to partner with FSEdNet to create the NAIFA Learning Center. We value the breadth and depth of educational content relevant for all practice specialties and the ease of access on multiple devices to the online video content. Core to NAIFA’s mission is delivery of critical training and professional support to our members—this program is a key component in meeting that objective.” – Kevin M. Mayeux, CAE, CEO, NAIFA - National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.

“FSEdNet has given teams a powerful tool to easily organize and deliver an ongoing, comprehensive development program to all of our advisors, from the newest to the most seasoned.” – Lawrence E. Reelitz, CLF, GAMA Hall of Fame Inductee, Principal Financial Group

“FSEdNet teaches new people the basics while refreshing our veterans’ knowledge in many areas. It is a critical piece to our organization’s growth and development.” – Bob Fashano, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, President & CEO of Alliance Advisors Group, Guardian Life Insurance Company.

“FSEdNet will engage your advisors and staff in a new innovative way. Associates will absorb the basics and master the fundamentals through this connected learning platform.” – Bonnie Godsman, CEO, GAMA International.

“FSEdNet’s delivery process and information will help advisors become more confident in front of clients and prospects.” – Garry Kinder, CLU, ChFC, CSA, Kinder Brothers International

“The best I have ever seen. Clear, concise and relevant – a platform that really makes a difference.” – Paul E. Vignone, JD, LLM, CLU, ChFC, VP of Advanced Markets, Empire Wealth Strategies, Penn Mutual Life.

“FSEdNet is a comprehensive online resource that is filled with practical and actionable content. It provides its user with the fundamentals, as well as advanced learnings, for a successful financial services career.” – C. Richard Weylman, CEO & CDO, The Weylman Center for Excellence in Practice Management

“The Financial Services Education Network, from the genius of Dick Cleary, is something this industry has needed for a long time. It is, for many advisors, the missing piece. FSEdNet provides the educational background needed, in a myriad of topics, to give advisors the confidence to engage in meaningful financial planning discussions.” – Harry P. Hoopis, CEO, Hoopis Performance Network

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