Financial Services Leadership Educational Network

Welcome to the next level of Management Development – FSLEdNet (pronounced ‘Fizz-Led-Net’).  FSLEdNet is an innovative virtual platform designed for financial leaders who are building a region, an agency or firm, a sales unit or a sales team.  FSLEdNet has access to hundreds of high-impact sessions for all levels of experience, divided into five distinct elements of success. These sessions are short and easily digestible, averaging less than ten minutes.  FSLEdNet was developed by two multi-master award winners from the independent and career channel, respectively.  It’s fully accessible anytime, anywhere through your computer, smartphone or tablet.  Schedule a demonstration of this virtual leadership development and resource platform today, from the leaders in leadership training, FSLEdNet.

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The Time Has Come for a New Leadership Development – The Time Has Come for FSLEdNet

FSLEdNet is your innovative source of leadership training, virtually delivering hundreds of video-based training sessions – building confidence, provide resources and develop core leadership skills.  It’s a perfect companion to the financial professional’s training system offered by FSEdNet. FSLEdNet will equip you and leadership team with the Five Elements of Leadership for either self-study or classroom-based training. It provides an anytime, anywhere resource for those quick answers to complex leadership issues and problems via our website and mobile app for both new leaders and wily veterans.

The critical three stages of recruiting will clearly be defined for inexperienced candidates, as well as the independent, experienced producers. Too many make recruiting a difficult, to be avoided at all cost activity, due to either bad past experiences or a lack of experience or success.

Once they understand and implement our five elements of leadership, you’ll be amazed at the impact it has on both recruiting and retention, as well as on new hire productivity. With FSLEdNet, you’ll have a turn-key, state-of-the-art resource to develop and grow your management team.

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