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What Is FSLEdNet?

FSLEdNet is an innovative, online, video-based source of leadership training and development, which delivers hundreds of training sessions designed to instill confidence by building competence, in all levels of leaders in the financial services industry.  FSLEdNet primarily focuses on the Five Elements of Successful Leadership:

  • The Leader’s Philosophy
  • The Foundational Principles of Leadership
  • The Recruiting Process – Finding, Selection & Building Momentum-for a fast start
  • The Development Process
  • The Accountability Process

With today’s cost and time restrictions, management development training has become the missing link in field and leadership advancements. FSLEdNet will provide the resources to deliver the core leadership skills, 24 /7.

Why Did We Create My FSLEdNet?

FSLEdNet is a go-anywhere, anytime, resource, designed to build confidence and help improve the core skills and activities of all levels of field leaders.  It is also designed to increase productivity and associate retention, in numerous cost-saving and time-efficient ways. A lack of achievement in reaching the goals in recruiting, retention, new manpower productivity, and overall production growth, normally comes from a lack of focused activity, which results from a lack of relationships. Today’s top leaders did not achieve their level of success alone.  They had mentors, received insights, learned best practices, and had timely training. FSLEdNet can now deliver that to you too.

FSLEdNet provides a step by step curriculum in the essential skills, knowledge, and habits, that can help develop a strategic process to either launch new leaders, or inspire, refresh and re-energize veteran leaders.  The curriculum can be delivered through self-study or classroom-based training, either live or through video conferencing.  It is an easy resource to come back to when activity or effectiveness is off track, or when you need a quick coaching moment. We deliver the entire leadership training and development curriculum through our mobile app, on any computer, smartphone or tablet.

How Does FSLEdNet Fit with My Selling System or Product Mix?

FSLEdNet is designed to supplement training that you receive on your own, through your firm or company – but is not designed to replace them.  FSLEdNet is not based on a selling system, a product mix, or even a market. It can work in any type of environment, in any kind of financial services organization, whether large or small.  It is all about leaders, not management.  We lead people, but we manage things.

Who Is FSLEdNet Built For?

FSLEdNet is primarily designed to help launch new field leaders in their first three to four years in the financial services industry, by providing them with the essential skills and knowledge to become a top leader.  FSLEdNet is also very effective in the transition of new leaders from outside of your organization, providing them a platform of systems, processes, and insights on best practices, to take their new firm or region to the next level of success.

Too often, veteran leaders become stuck, due to the habits that they have formed, and seek ways to change and grow, but do not have the resource or guidance to do so. FSLEdNet can inspire, refresh and re-energize veteran leaders.

Have you ever wondered why there is such a high turnover of frontline or regional managers within many organizations?  This is one of the most frustrating ratios that any firm or organization must deal with.  There are also many managers who are still in place but are achieving few if any, of their target numbers in recruiting, new manpower production, and retention. This lack of success can lead to shortcuts, which in turn can quickly lead to compliance issues.  Leaders are not born, they are developed and trained.

Building sales teams is a key component of many successful firms. Our platform will help deliver the foundational concepts and knowledge to build sales teams and mentoring programs, that are so critical to the success of both new and veteran financial professionals. Finally, developing staff, interns, and junior associates is critical for any firm, agency, or producer.  FSLEdNet can help facilitate the necessary development concepts and programs needed to make your organization one of the elite.

What Makes FSLEdNet Different from Other Programs Available?

FSLEdNet is a foundational program to help financial professionals understand the concepts, terminology, and recognize opportunities. We focus in on the basic knowledge, skills, and habits that it takes to build a successful practice. But most importantly, it was developed by two multi-master agency award winners, from the independent and the career channel respectively, who actually walked the walk, and talked the talk in field leadership.

Our hundreds of video sessions are short and easy to understand, averaging under ten minutes each.  Additionally, each session has a fill in the blank worksheet to reinforce the learning process.  All sessions can be viewed on any mobile phone or tablet via the FSEdNet app.

It can be inspiring to attend a half or full day management development seminar, but will it have the lasting results that you hoped for?  Many of the ideas and concepts that you learn may not be applicable at that moment, and in fact, it could be weeks later until you could use what you learned. FSLEdNet can be an easy to use, a systematic resource tool to re-enforce and remind us of all the ideas, concepts and best practices that come out of those events.  With the easy to use the FSEdNet app, you can quickly search for your topic and have the session or sessions delivered to you immediately, anytime or anywhere.

Since most advisors, leaders or managers don’t have the time, and in many cases the desire, to read and expand their practice and leadership knowledge, FSLEdNet provides a video-based curriculum and resource with 24/7 access. Easy access means that you can work-around your business and personal life commitments, with our bite-sized pieces of wisdom. If you have time for a cup of coffee, you have time to learn a concept.  Listen, watch, and learn, while on the way to an appointment, while waiting to pick up your kids, or while on the treadmill at the gym.

How Is the FSLEdNet Program Delivered?

FSLEdNet is an online video training platform that you can access anytime, anywhere. It can play on any computer, smartphone or tablet. Download our “FSEdNet” app from the app store or Google Play.

What Does the Content Cover?

FSLEdNet is divided into five separate and distinct elements of success, each with its own purpose and agenda.

The Leader’s Philosophy — Most successful leaders have a philosophy of success embedded in them. The Leader’s Philosophy is designed to share many philosophies of the financial services industry’s top leaders.  The growth and success of a leader can very often be tied to their philosophy. Regardless of one’s level of experience, this element’s course curriculum is designed to help them think at a higher level of leadership. This philosophy may challenge some existing paradigms of how to build others with encouragement and enthusiasm.  A Leader’s Philosophy will share the importance of creating core values, mission statements and the power of encouragement.  The culture of any organization comes from the leader’s philosophy, so it’s critically important for us to understand the leader’s mindset.

The Foundational Principles of Leadership – This element is designed to teach all levels of leaders in the financial services industry, specific ideas, systems, and techniques, to implement their vision.

Many of these principles will create an environment in which star performers can be recruited and developed. These principles will become the cornerstones of the systems and processes you build your organization, sales unit, or sales team with.

Learn how to make your office aesthetically pleasing to make it a better environment to recruit, train, and retain, the best of the best.  Also, learn how to help your associates create an environment which will cultivate improved sales results. Foundational Principles also has insight on how to build a winning culture that will not only improve productivity but will reduce turnover of both staff and associates. As a leader, you can learn how to implement systems that will help get extraordinary results from your people. Leaders will build and refine their systems and processes in order to build their practice.

Foundational Principles of Leadership will give a leader the tools and resources that they need to build a solid foundation and create an organization that enables others to achieve their success to its fullest potential.

The Recruiting Process- Let’s face it – recruiting top talent is probably the most important and challenging job as a leader. In the Recruiting Process, we will examine the three phases of recruiting. Too often, we think of recruiting as finding a candidate and getting them to simply join the organization.  The process a leader follows in recruiting, will have the largest impact on the success or failure of a potential candidate. If you want to improve your retention numbers, then fix your recruiting and accountability processes.

Finding the appropriate candidate that meets your ideal candidate profile is the first stage. Having an extensive, detailed selection process with no exceptions is the next stage. The final stage is having a momentum building process. This is where most recruiting programs fail. We often focus on the wrong things in our pre-hire training, and it can overwhelm them.

We’ll also give some innovative and exciting insight on how to recruit experienced or independent associates to your firm.  These ideas will not only help you jump-start your recruiting activity, but it will also show you how to get more production faster, by learning how to focus on recruiting people that can make a bigger impact on your goals to current production. You’ll also hear industry-leading ideas on how to keep your prospecting pipeline and reservoir full of people, since that will also be the catalyst to future growth. These ideas will show you how to attain and sustain new production growth.

The Development Process – Building a world class financial services firm requires that firm leaders recruit and retain the best talent, turning them into top performers for the firm. Many organizations are so focused on recruiting, they fail to develop the talent they recruit. In this section, learn how to develop your associates to their fullest potential.  We will go into detail on specifics of team selling, mentoring relationships, how to get better results through consistent training, and how to develop great producers through some fun events that make learning and training fun. Our goal is to make sure that you develop a specific process of consistent training and education, that can attract new performers to your firm, rather than a more common approach that is inconsistent and often ineffective.

The Accountability Process – Accountability is when you inspect what you expect in business. In this element, we’ll look at how you conduct meetings with associates, both housed and detached, as well as staff, specialists and other managers, or field leaders, to ensure that they are doing the activity necessary to achieve their objective and to exceed their goals. Too often, these meetings become either a ‘let’s not hurt any feelings’ event or a ‘get in your face’ meeting.  In reality, most of the accountability meetings do not actually happen at all, which is the worst solution. All levels of associates not only need, but want these accountability sessions. Many firms are not having the necessary one-on-one consultations, or team meetings, that allow their leader to see their progress and assure the associates that they really care about them.

Accountability is the management tool which ensures that the great people on your team are consistently growing and adding new experiences and results to their years of success. If not for accountability, they would be repeating the same activity and having the same experience over and over throughout their career. See how to make sure the members of your team are progressing toward the goals that you helped them set. These sessions will show that these meetings will vary based on the experience of the associate and what their role on the team of leaders is.

How and When Should I Get Started?

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